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minesweeping - how to?

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I'm driving around in my tank, when i reach a British stronghold which is surrounded with mine.
I pop out my mine sweeper but nothing happens. It doesn't buzz or anything, but still when i drive in with my tank - I get killed by a mine. Am I missing something?

Flippy Warbear:
Static minefields cannot be minesweeped. These static minefields are usually surrounded by tense barbwire and "Achtung minen!" or such warning signs with skulls and crossed bones painted on them.

Instead, when you find a player deployed mines (minesweeper buzzes when you aim at the mines), you can lay mineflags around the area to indicate that there are mines laid around, this is to prevent friendlies from running into them.

In order to find a mine you have to get close to it. Move out with your minetracker in covering sweeps and as soon as you find a mine (yellow square on the ground) you can either mark it or remove it with your wrench.

That's all there is to it.

Yup. The mine detector gives a warning tone whenever the "crosshairs" are on a buried mine. If you sweep slowly enough back and forth as you advance, you'll hear the beep.

It occurs to me that while the minesweeper is a useful tool, it may not fit the fast-paced action gameplay of FH2. At least not in its current lonewolf state. If Teamwork picks up, it may see more use.

 If you don't want to be a team member then you don't get chances to experience teamwork. The accusation that everyone else is a lonewolf certainly points to your own level of team play along with them. Join their squads, or make your own and recruit people. Every server pretty much supports VOIP nowadays, so you could even talk to others if you wanted to really up the teamplay.

 I have personally swept for mines tons of times for people, in fact, certain maps almost require such teamwork. While a lot of engineers don't want get their ass shot up so you personally don't have to leave your tank, you can still ask for help passing through a minefield. (be polite and patient)

  If you are pinned down by mines, you should never hesitate to relocate your tank to safer ground and supporting fire. The threat of mines implies that you are too close to the enemy infantry anyways.

 If you are solo in a tank and need to pass, or clear mines, then use your own engineer kit. It is intense to hop out of your ride and try to sweep an area for mines while under fire without getting capped. You can withdraw the tank to a safer area, then you bail out for a minute and clear your surroundings. If you manage to clear your immediate area of enemy infantry, you will then have approximately 15 seconds (spawn time) to find and take out those enemy mines.

 If you cannot pull your tank to safety, a good tandem tactic to employ is to pop 3 or 4 smoke shells immediately on your position. Once the smoke is thick enough, you can mine detect and wrench under its' cover quite effectively.

 There's tons of ways to defeat minefields, just use your imagination, this is a game after all...


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