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Hey all :P

Thought I'd post some things that aren't that well known, or little tricks of the trade. Of course there are some I may keep secret, but we'll see :P

S.Mines (4.6.09)

S.Mines, a very daunting tool that is underestimated and underused by a lot of players, mainly because of it's high chance of TKing a friendly, here are some tips I've come up with when placing S.Mines.

Note: S.Mines have a 3-5 second 'delay' before they become active, enough to get out of range, but also for enemies to get past them if you're placing them too close to the front lines.

-S.Mines can be placed anywhere, they have a downward arc when dropped, but they stick to anything save for vehicles. A trick I like to do is to place s.mines around corners in the wall themselves. Go prone and start the 'digging' process, and immediatly stand up. Aim at where in the wall you'll want it to be, and it should place itself in the wall. Good for tricking enemies that know how to avoid or spot S.Mines. It can also be used to trigger at varying heights, to be able to go off when walked by prone, etc. Be careful though, if placed on or too close to certain walls, the S.Mine can be triggered by the opposite side of the wall, which I've noticed happen in public games many times, sucessfully making your S.Mine useless.

-They have an invisible tripwire, Crawings (Prone) over S.Mines allows you to safely avoid them, good if you're trying to sneak into a defended area.

(My favorite S.Mine secret) -Not only can S.Mines be placed in doorwars, ceilings even (with practice), and walls, but they can be placed in bushes, and underneath rocks. They perfectly nuzzle underneath undergrowth rocks (not static rocks), and are invisible to players walking nearby. As soon as they walk near by or on the rock, kaboom! Perfect for defending open areas where normally placed S.Mines would be easy to spot and avoided. Also, small static objects in rubble and in urban environments, such as buckets, small boxes, or other things that have no collision, the objects can be placed under for quite a successful booby-trap.

-S.Mines can destroy light vehicles. Similar to a AT Mine, S.Mines placed on a road can kill any truck or jeep. I'm not too entirely sure about APCs however.

-A key rule, and most frustrating problem most booby-trappers must deal with is TKs. Its best to lay S.Mines either in a defensive location where only you yourself are defending, where you know no team mate will traverse, but of course someone will eventually spawn and if arent paying attention usually hit your S.Mine.
   -Place them in key locations, such as highly traversed enemy routes that you know your team mates wont take before the enemy does.
   -Use them as sabotage, sneak into the enemy rear lines (not their main base, most servers do not allow this) and place S.Mines underneath the tire of enemy light vehicles, so when they take off, mafia style car bomb. Also place them around their base, make sure however, its not at the flag your team mates are attacking, if they dont get hit then, your team mates will probably activate them after they take the flag.

-S.Mines can be removed by enemy engineers! Pioneers and engineers! Remember this! Another great use for the role for pioneers is to advance with your troops, and if you're either by yourself or playing somewhat organized, if S.Mines are halting your advance, remove them with your wrench. Or at least place a flag in the area they are so teammates think twice. Also, that metal detector can be useful for detecting enemy S.Mines in tricky locations, so don't forget to use it now and then.

-Sniper? Don't want the enemy to steal your kit if you get killed? Booby-trap your helmet! If you're on a somewhat flat ground, and are prone, lay an S.Mine directly under you. If you're on the same plane as it, and stay prone, you shouldn't activate the mine at all. If you want to leave, simply crawl out of range then get up and leave. That way, if you are shot and killed, if the enemy comes to your body to retrieve your fallen sniper rifle, they will pick it up with a lovely click in their ears.

That's all for now, lots to read I know, but I'm just helping to shame my knowledge and show the depth that FH2 really has to offer. If people are interested, I might make small thumbnail images for each concept for current and future tips, to further help illustrate my guides.

See you on the battlefield! :)


Very nice Nibbles!

and I thought I was the only one who mines himself when he has the sniper rifle and thinks he has been spotted.

nice tips but i think this is impractical because you would very likely get blew up before even pulling out that stuff.

--- Quote ---that metal detector can be useful for detecting enemy S.Mines in tricky locations

--- End quote ---

Die Happy:
i dont s-mine myself, i rather cover my rear with them so i can concentrate on shooting people and dont have to worry about getting stabbed (yeah i m looking at you caeno :P) 

another useful tactic with s-mines in denial of assets. s-mine enemy mortars/flak/AT-guns or just tanks so people blow up when they try to enter these assets or dont use them because they fear getting blown up.


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