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Does anyone know the best way to get points in a FH2 multiplayer round, and which actions get the most points as opposed to which ones get the least?

Most: spot for artillery.
Least: teamkilling.


--- Quote from: Slayer on 25-01-2018, 21:01:28 ---Most: spot for artillery.
Least: teamkilling.

--- End quote ---

I didn't know that spotting for artillery got you many points. How many does it get you?

Also what else gets you easy points?

Jimi Hendrix:
 Tank Kill - 7
 Defend Flag - 2
 Kill - 2
 Spotter - 1 assist point for Teamwork

 That's all i know off the top of my head. A tank kill is probably the highest points for a single act.

I would like to see a comprehensive guide as well. Perhaps there is one floating out there in cyberspace that someone would share.



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