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Drive by tank killing

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--- Quote ---Btw.. can you fire a Boys AT while you are in a car or hanomag?
--- End quote ---

I know you can fire them while riding tanks, you just can't zoom. And this tactic works way better w/ Panzerschreck, Piats, and Bazookas :D

Yeah, my favourite job on Mersa Matruh:
Get in the jeep as a passenger, pull out a sticky AT Grenade and keep the right mouse button pressed until your driver gets near an enemy tank  ;D

Shhhhh! Don't tell everyone about this, or they'll all want to try it!  ;)

I did this two nights ago on gazala :P Was in the side with clan mate drivin', drove up behind a Grant on the move and managed to through the stick ladung infront of it and it drove over, caught on fire, tried to turn around and I tossed the last one at it while we swirved out of the way of it and kaboom :D was awesome and uninjured

Desert Rat and I tried this a while ago, but it was on infantry, he tried to run one of them down, so I whipped out a nade and threw it back at the squad of Brits, how it happened I don't know, but the nade stayed hoverring in my lap inside the kubelwagon, I just had enough time to type "oh noes" before the three of us in the wagon were tk'd, to rub salt in the wound the brits cam along and took the smoking wagon whilst I was powerless to stop them in death cam.


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