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Drive by tank killing

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Its simple, one man drives the kubel/jeep, another (or three) ride shotgun with at kits.
Simply drive by unsuspecting tanks leaving a present on the way by. ;D
I know, its terribly unrealistic but it can make the dreadfully long sidi rezeig pass faster.

Mspfc Doc DuFresne:
Yeah, I saw a screenie of that back in FF, it was rather amusing seeing the guy hold the sticky grenade out the side while you passed withing inches of a Panzer 3.

Never tried it.. but looks awesome.

Btw.. can you fire a Boys AT while you are in a car or hanomag?

Kurb King:
This was an infamous tactic in FH1, known as "Kubel-Fausting". 
Have to be a little more careful doing this in FH2 because you are much more likely to run yourself over when getting out of jeep.

Mspfc Doc DuFresne:
No, you can fire from inside the vehicle(unless they remove that for recoilless weapons, which would be realistic.


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