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In Bf1942(and fh1) you had to shoot ahead of the target when it was far away. After some practice I managed it and was quite good at it.

In fh2 I have no idea how to shoot a long distant target when its moving. I tried shooting ahead of it, right at it, way ahead of it, ... you name it: I tried it. But still: no success.
Is the accuracy lower in fh2 then in fh1? Any tips?

FH2 takes more account of bullet drop, which is the distance on which fired bullets are losing height. So if you want to hit something very far away (near fog distance), especially with rifles and the like, you have to aim higher than you would do at first glance.

People post a lot about patterns and everything, but personally I haven't discovered such a thing yet. Sometimes I get a lucky hit when aiming high, sometimes I shoot several times never hitting anything. Practice this a lot with bots, that's what helps.

With scoped rifles, you have to aim even higher (or at least, it looks that way), because your target is magnified.

So I just have to aim above the target? Or also ahead of it?


Die Happy:
if the target is moving you have to consider that the bullet needs some time to travel from your rifle into your targets head.
and on that way garvity kicks in and drags the bullet towards the ground

if you practice with bots it is fine to get the idea but in online games you also have  to take your ping in account if it is 100 or more you should lead a bit more.

also yes the rifles in fh2 are less accurate than the rifles in fh1.  their railgun like accuracy was crazy and so you get a bit deviation on every shot.


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