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[SOLUTION] FH2 crashes often on win7 / vista

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If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 and FH2 crashes often for you, this may help you.

1) Go to the folder where you have Battlefield 2 installed.

2) Find FH2.exe and right-clik on it, than select Properties

3) Select "compatibility" tab and tick (turn on) "Disable desktop composition". Like here:

4) Click OK and enjoy the game :)

P.S. Remember to ALWAYS run your Forgotten Hope 2 via FH2.exe or a shortcut on your desktop created by installer.

doesnt work.


--- Quote from: Paige on 21-01-2011, 08:01:49 ---doesnt work.

--- End quote ---

It helped a few people with older systems.

run under XP SP3 and as an Admin too


--- Quote from: Capten_C on 03-02-2011, 21:02:36 ---Greetings! + Queries!  :)
Pc not working -wont start up, (on a late  '90's steam powered laptop at the mo.)

It may be something as simple as a motherboard battery fail. BUT I want to be prepared should I need to order new parts etc

If I have to get some new stuff I may upgrade from XP 32 bit to Windows 7.

DOES FH2 WORK "PROBLEM FREE  - EASY-PEASY -  ON WIN 7 ??? Should there be any problems?  :-\
(I'm aware of something running in Admin mode or some gobledeegook!)
If it does. What Win 7 should I get I hear there's 32 and 64 versions, which is best? (for FH2 play)
I have 64 bit and it works fine

I ask as I once installed Win Pro 64 bit on my PC and there were no drivers to work my printer on that!  ;)
That may still happen with "older"printers
I have two 2G sticks of DDR2 on my XP 32 bit system at the moment (and still get CTD's inbetween map changes)

What Ram should I  go for if I upgrade to Win 7 the DDR3? FH2 work ok on that?
DDR3 is better if you can buy it
Help a dude out here! Cheers ;D

--- End quote ---


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