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Flippy Warbear:
Forgotten Hope has finally opened a channel for itself in Youtube! Beta tester Zrix made the initiative and fired this channel up so kudos to him!

ForgottenHopeMod channel aims to become the library of Forgotten Hope, providing videos from both mods. We've uploaded almost every official video so far but we are still looking to add more relics into the collection, so if you subscribe, dont be alarmed that theres some raw material or something relative to that being uploaded. In the end we will post official trailers and teasers, instruction videos and everything alike under one channel so you dont have to go hunting them from different uploaders.

Also, we hope (dont we? ;)) that our testers and devs become more film-making friendly and that such great talents like Kubador and Zrix would make videos for our channel in the future too, not just when theres a dire need for a trailer. ;)

Not only do we offer our community a good source of FH videos of different kinds, we also favorite all sorts of *great* FH and FH2 videos from our players aswell. So keep on making videos guys!

So step right in to our Youtube Channel. :)

PS. Feel free to comment here. But spam will be deleted!

EDIT 26th of March 2012: Thread have been cleaned, not due to spamming or such, but just to keep it clean. You may keep commenting as regulare.

I've released a youtube video showing a lot of new content present in the 2.45 release.
All information was gathered from the news updates released between August 2011 and today.


Flippy Warbear:
Say hello to our new frontpage video:

I thought this was helluva epic in all of its simplicity. Shows what FH2 is at its best.

Forgotten Hope 2 - Tournament Italian Campaign

(Its my first movie, and first projects in Sony Vegas and After Effect)

Anyway Hope you Enjoy!

Clearing the commandpost^^ don't be... alarmed

I'd love to see some more videos from fellow players


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