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Third Person Tank Camera for SP Coop [need assistance.]


I understand there are a few older posts here that have detailed various ways to enable this, but either Im doing something wrong, or these methods simply no longer work. I know  dev has posted a google drive download for something to enable it as well, but it seems that now no longer exists when clicking the link. Some assistance as to how I can get this file, or changing the fh2.cfg properly, it would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings StormVolt, sorry as you might have guessed this sub-forum is a bit dead; most of the wizards have retired and most of us regulars have already got what we came here for. The wizard Gavrant gave us two files some time ago which you place in your Battlefield 2/mods/fh2 folder, replacing any versions that were already there (attached). This works for me as of Fh2.54 - I haven't tried Fh2.6 to find out if still compatible. The original post by the wizard is here:

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