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Getting the Correct Bot Ratio on Server


Hi Everyone! I have been trying to duplicate the huge number of bots some other people here are using and I am running into an issue with the dedicated server and the bot ratio.

I have the AI Default set to this:

aiSettings.overrideMenuSettings 1
rem NOTE: the "run" below may override the following settings
aiSettings.setMaxNBots 100
aiSettings.maxBotsIncludeHumans 0
aiSettings.setBotSkill 0.2

And the relevant game configs:
sv.maxPlayers 64
sv.teamRatioPercent 100
sv.coopBotRatio 100
sv.coopBotCount 48
sv.coopBotDifficulty 20

Yet - I always end up with 62 on 38 no matter how I jig these settings. Anyone able to help get my ratio closer to 50v50?

First, if you just set Bot ratio ingame to 100, and set 48 bots in the next slider, then you will always get those 48 bots for axis team. The rest of the 100 bots goes to allied team. That is why I personally always play with 96 bots, so you have an equal number in both teams. I don't know how to get more bots myself, as I never really needed more

Second, You may want to look into the Forgotten Hope 2 Discord. It is far more populated, people there might help you further with getting more than 96 bots in equal teams.


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