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am updating this thread with findings to-date on improving FPS, for those poor souls following in my steps and adopting Fh2 as their WW2 singleplayer experience. Granted the base engine's not perfect, but you just can't beat it for scope, freedom and modding access - and Fh2 for the vastness of grand assets.

Firstly, as you might well already have done, make sure that your monitor is using 75Hz or the highest refresh rate available, then make sure that the same highest refresh rate is used in the Fh2 options screen before starting Fh2 up. It removes some noticeable sluggishness in-game.

Secondly, if your PC is not a gaming specalist build and is instead a regular brand pre-built like a Dell, don't assume that good specs in terms of RAM, SSD and graphics card will save you. These machines (these days at least) have some hard limits in place to prevent 'dangerous' overheating and this overrules optimum settings for games. So lowering the video settings in the standard Bf2 menu will make a difference, even though you would assume a good card could shrug off the highest settings for an 05 game. My current build is Dell XPS 8940, i7 10700K 3.8Ghz, 16GB DDR4 RAM, SSD, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. Of the two screenshots attached, the first profile gave me closer to 30 fps when the 32v32 bot fights got intense. The second profile gave me closer to 60. Oddly you can go into your Nvidia control panel and assign the card's global settings to the Fh2 application, which will override some of the ingame settings and pretty up the game considerably. Still there will be a bit of a trade-off in terms of performance over quality. With a Radeon card I suspect you won't have to alter the ingame settings as drastically in order to achieve the same Fps result, based off past experience and reading reviews of the cards tested at Bf2's release - Radeon just handled it better.

The machine which handled Fh2 SP best for me was a HP 'Envy' - nobody envied it, it was a poor attempt by HP at making a 'gaming' PC; but it notably used an i7 4970 @ 3.6Ghz. They mustn't have put any performance walls there in terms of temp limits, I think I ran it into the ground from too much Fh2. But that processor with a reasonable Radeon card beneath it could handle 32 vs 60+ bot games without any loss in fps, it was a dream. My bet would be that if you want a safe experience on your main PC, you make sure the processor base clock is good enough (3.4ghz minimum perhaps) get the refresh rate right and lower the graphics settings as if it was 2005 all over again : ) Hope this helps someone anyway along the trail. A thousand different PC builds out there and with Bf2 SP the journey seems to be different with each one! I can partly see why Bf3 didn't have this SP-MP hybrid element - it was too much for new devs to handle.

Just one more tip to flag which again may be old news to people. As described in this thread ( it's worth taking the time to open up FH2ServerLauncher.exe in the Battlefield 2 main folder first, no need to run the server, just head over to Task Manager and set that .exe to a single core (I went for any other than Core 0). Then leave the .exe minimised and run Fh2 as normal and that also keeps fps up, for me.


Yah, well... that usually happens with a higher refresh rate (above 60-70) :D

Another tip might be to put the game a few Hz below what the desktop Hz (refresh rate) is,
in Battlefield 2 it makes the frames sync up better to what is going on/depicting it visually.

My monitor is capable of 144hz but I locked it to 120 on the desktop and 112hz in the game itself.

Also, some monitors are locked to 60Hz (officially) but they can often be forced into 75hz,
but it will require a dedicated graphics card and usage of the Nvidia control panel/AMD variant.


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