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Multiplayer on Linux


Hi everyone i just wanted to ask if someone know how to play multiplayer on FH2. Since i can't even access past the login of the multiplayer account it just exit the game when i click retrieve account, Singleplayer works fine, BTW im using FH2 standlone with Arch Linux x86/x64 and the latest wine version.

Hey, FH2 itself runs fine on linux + wine, I'm doing that myself.

Retrieving accounts does not work, because this is not the original account server behind the scenes, but a replacement server from the community. You need to create a new account -- need a name that has not been taken yet, but email does not matter.

BTW this is the subforum for the very old FH0.7, which not many people read anymore. Most of us are on discord, there you can get help much quicker  ;)


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