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Hey I'm new to this forum


Hello, first of all I am new to this forum, the moddb page says that they moved to pixel fighter so I don't know if this forum is still active or the devs still respond here but anyways.

A years ago I played Forgotten Hope (1) for Battlefield 1942, sadly I got to uninstall it because my PC started to ran Out of space (It's a low-medium specs shared family computer). And I always wondered: What if this Mod was a Standalone Game like Forgotten Hope 2?

Yes, I know that the Devs are more Focused on FH 2 Standalone, but would be really cool if this mod was a Standalone Game like FH 2, using the same engine and aesthetics of Battlefield 1942, but as standalone game (With configurable things like controls, crosshairs, etc).

Obviously, this thing I said it's only a suggestion because I'm no one to demand anything. I don't know too much of programming, but I would gladly help in the development or anything to make this possible, I would give the best of myself to contribute to the devs team

Thanks :)

I had to add, that I really liked this mod when I played it, it has so many new improvements to the original game.

you should come an try FHSW. it's even better.

This forum is pretty much dead, we are using discord now.
We won't develop FH1942 anymore, in fact, most of the people on the team now have no experience modding BF1942.


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