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BF1942 way more populated?


Is the BF1942 version of FH generally more populated than FH2? I thought it would have been the other way around, but according to BF1942 at the moment ~300 people are playing and a bunch of servers are populated, but FH2 has a total of like 6 people playing. Am I doing something wrong?

Maybe time of day? afaik there's a still an Asian player base for FH1. FH2 is mostly European and will have around 100 at peak Europe times.

It might also be an event. I think FH1 is only populated during an event.

Unmodded BF1942 is still the most popular. FH1/FHSW servers might hit up to 100 on the Japanese servers and 20-60 on the Euro servers depending on time and day of the week. Check between 1800-2100 UTC on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

I did not know FH1 have Asian server :o i'm from SEA so maybe i'm gonna look up for it. Thanks for your information :)


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