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What is FH2 needing most?

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I vote for maps.
But new and real gameplay map.
Not just a map you throw about a battle, with no gameplay.

Map with specific things (new faction, specific weapons to this map, special gameplay)

Again, creating a map is first about a good gameplay before creating art.
Creating static only come after.

--- Quote from: Ivancic1941 on 02-02-2018, 16:02:28 ---Well more french houses would be cool. Right now all houses are 'fancy'.. more like town outskirts houses.There is no any poor people stone village houses,smaller ones. All village houses are pretty huge and cant be used easily.

--- End quote ---

when building a map, you must first get the basic setup and test gamplay. The statics and real art are only at the end of the map creation:
- 80% of the map take 20% of the time: create heightmap, create gameplay
- the last 20% of the map take 80%: create the real art of the map, create statics etc ...

More Hype
More Promotion
More Players

I voted for statics because with unique custom statics, each map is enjoyable and has a unique feel which makes you quite happy. Maps with generic statics will end up looking like some CMP maps, and I don't really like that.

Most of what limits the devs from doing stuff like Market Garden, Southern France, Italy, etc, is the need for custom statics.  Without them, we can't get those campaigns and areas at the quality the FH2 devs are known for and are expected to offer.  So if you REALLY want to help out the mod and have the time and capabilities- learn to build statics.


--- Quote from: VonMudra on 05-02-2018, 19:02:10 ---So if you REALLY want to help out the mod and have the time and capabilities- learn to build statics.

--- End quote ---
This really. And I suggest to start with generic statics for existing fronts, preferably eastern front rural buildings similiar in the art style to what we already have in game so they won't stick out too much. Those can always be easily added to the game and used on any future stock (or custom) maps, so your work won't be wasted. Generic military object probably are good idea too, and if your statics will be proven to be good enough for FH2, I bet devs will gladly use a helping hand. Don't go for a battle specific statics if you don't know if anybody will ever create a map where you statics can be used.


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