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What is FH2 needing most?

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I´d like to contribute somehow to this amazing mod and community. Back in FH1 I made a few vehicle variants including coding, skin and model. I also tried my hand at mapping. I´d like to know what the community would like to have right now as priority so maybe I could work on it.

If you have and idea that is not an option in the poll write it here!

At first I wanted to vote for new maps, but then I thought about what is needed for new maps: new statics and maybe one or another new vehicle... Otherwise the maps look relatively similar, and the eastern front at the moment lacks a few vehicles and statics(as it is in its beginning)

Oh, and about the maps: the community maps(and I have seen all of the available ones) mostly are not that good.
I think the devs make a better Job at that.
There are some maps that I like, for example sidi muftah or el agheila, but if I think of westwall for example...

There are more mappers than modelers, so I voted statics.

Well more french houses would be cool. Right now all houses are 'fancy'.. more like town outskirts houses.There is no any poor people stone village houses,smaller ones. All village houses are pretty huge and cant be used easily.
 More french village stone houses size of eastern front ones would be neat.

Thats why when Im in editor working on village, I prefer smaller houses, but there only one small one and one which is not constructed made which I mostly use at the end. Village could get more ones.

Vehicles ,well if you want to make some,ask devs then which they need. As this community modding is not so active,vehicles would be too risky choice. Statics are always welcomed to devs

That´s great guys, keep it coming. After I have enough votes I´ll start a new poll with more specific choices to know what to work on.


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