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Date: May, 2020

Note; the best place to find us and stay up to date is our Discord.

This post is for new players that have just discovered Forgotten Hope 2. This will give you an overview of the game as well as the most up-to-date status regarding FH2’s player base and development. I will try to update this post every 6 months so that anyone who has just discovered this great mod can look at this thread for any questions that they have. This thread will eventually disappear into the ether and might stay up for longer than FH2 is alive. That’s why there’s a date at the top to see when it was last updated.

Some of this information is also on the website, in the FAQ section. But now it’s here too for you people who don’t click around before coming to the forums. ;)

What is Forgotten Hope 2?

Check out the About FH2 section

Forgotten Hope 2 (FH2) is a modification for the game Battlefield 2 (BF2). Its aim is to transform the game into a historically accurate and more realistic World War 2 scenario. The latest version of FH2 contains 45  maps, over 150 weapons and more than 300 vehicles.

How Can I Play Forgotten Hope 2?

Check out the Downloads section

There are 2 ways to get FH2:

Old School
FH2 is a modification for Battlefield 2, a game that was released in 2005 :o That means that BF2 is required to play this mod. Electronic Arts (who published BF2) has stopped creating this game and in June of 2014, they shut down online services for it.

You can still find hard copies of BF2 online via Google, Amazon etc… Retail

BF2 went through several patches while it was available. The latest patch that you need to have is 1.5. This is the latest version that FH2 is compatible with. This is important, considering many hard-copies of BF2 are used and may not be the latest version.

FH2 uses a launcher to play the game. You need to download this launcher and then run it to allow it to download the latest version of FH2. The launcher automatically checks for updates to Forgotten Hope 2 and installs them when they become available.

New School
Radiosmersh has been kind enough to create an Unofficial FH2 Installer so that you can install FH2 without BF2.

This gives you the minimal files from BF2 that are required to play FH2.

The latest version of FH2 is 2.56.

Community Map Pack

NOTE: The CMP mini mod is not compatible with the current version of FH2 and the creators are working to update it and release a new version.

Many servers will mix the FH2 maps with a community made mini-mod known as the CMP. This mod contains maps and assets made by the community. In order to play on these servers you need the CMP mini-mod downloaded and installed.

You can find more information about the CMP here.
This also uses an installer that also allows you to install other community made content such as texture packs and maps for tournaments.

Are There Still Players Online?

Yes! FH2 is still active. You can check how many players are currently online in the Gameserver section of the website.

FH2’s player-base is mostly European. This means that peak times are usually between 18:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT. Typically only one server will be active at any given time.

Peak times on weekdays can usually yield about 40-70 players.
Peak times on weekends can usually yield about 80-100 players.

Outside of these times will typically have no active servers or one active server with 10-20 players. (if you’re lucky)


Russian Hope/ PlayFH2

The server is located in Germany and the players mainly speak English/ German.


This server is also located in Germany afaik and is run by the same group of people who made the map-pack. It runs all FH2 maps in a randomly generated rotation. This server is rather new and in order to play on this server you will eventually need the CMP mod downloaded and installed.

World at War [WAW]

This server is located in America. Their website can be found here Players on this server mainly speak English.

This server used to host an event every Thursday night for American players to join and get a good ping. This event hasn’t gathered many players lately. This server hasn’t had any players in the past few months.

This server also mixes FH2 maps with the CMP maps.

There is still 1 active tournament that plays organized battles on a weekly basis at CMP Gaming
The latest tournament started In December, 2018.

Is This Game Still Being Developed?

Yes! The Staff page is not completely up-to-date, but FH2 is still being developed by a handful of active Developers.

The last FH2 release was FH2.54 in October, 2018.
The last News Update to show off upcoming content was in May, 2020 for the release.

What’s Being Worked On

The Devs are currently working on making gameplay and quality adjustments as well as adding content for FH2. The gameplay and quality adjustments are mainly in the form of continuing to squish bugs that crop up from time-to-time. There is also work being done to make the game run/ look better despite being created on a 10+ year old engine. :)

The Devs are also working on content in the form of new maps, vehicles and weapons. This content is mainly focused on expanding the Eastern Front content that was recently released with 2.5. However, we are also working on making the French Front in 1940!

Anything and everything discussed and leaked on the forums is WIP and subject to change ;)

Is There an Anticipated Release Date?

Nope. FH2 makes a policy like many other games to not have set release dates. The FH2 Devs work on the mod in their free-time. As such, work is slow and updates are not frequent. Sometimes, real-life can get in the way and unforeseen bugs can stop them from releasing a patch.

Hope this helps, join up and play with us on the Battlefield!


--- Quote from: Matthew_Baker on 29-10-2017, 03:10:45 ---What is Forgotten Hope 2?

Check out the About FH2 section

Forgotten Hope 2 (FH2) is a modification for the game Battlefield 2 (BF2). Its aim is to transform the game into a historically accurate and more realistic World War 2 scenario. The latest version of FH2 contains more than 30 maps, over 50 weapons and 75 vehicles and much more.

--- End quote ---
That bit is quite outdated, the latest version of FH2 contains 45 maps, over 150 weapons and about 300 vehicles (there is 75 german vehicles only)

yea, just copy pasta from the website.

If anyone finds good links to get your hands on BF2 and the patches, post them here. That's really the hardest thing for new players is finding the base game nowadays

You could mention the only active tournament at



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