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[Tutorial] Hiding chat & kill messages in BF2/FH2

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Some of you are asking how to hide chat and kill messages that can block your view. This tutorial will help you do that. :) Please note, use to your own discretion. You may have a chance to be kicked.

1) First, navigate to "Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\" and open up the (open .zip files with winrar or a similar tool)

2) Next, we go through it like this: "HUD\HudSetup\Communication" and open up HudElementsChat.con with Notepad or something similar.

3) Now, we should find a line of code in that .con file named "hudBuilder.setNodeShowVariable       ChatListShow".

4) Add a "NOT" behind "ChatListShow" and save it of course. Like so:

--- Quote ---hudBuilder.setNodeShowVariable       NOT ChatListShow
--- End quote ---

Voila! Now you can play without fear of huge blocks of text creeping in.

Best regards,

Might be handy when recording in game videos  :)
Is it possible to hide kill message and keep chat in top left corner ?

Ok, it works fine for me. Now you can't understand who the hell TKed you.  ;D I find the game more entertaining like that.

Actually you can, just open up the console (the key above tab). By adding the "NOT" behind chatlistshow, you can still type what ever you like (like typing in !shownext and just open up console to view the next map).

However, I'd like to warn you that the console is a bit delayed in message appearance. :)

Awesome, I wasn't aware this was possible. I play in immersive mode but it's always a bit ruined by the bright red and blue text, which frankly were a lot more immersion breaking than the minimap and whatnot.


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