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[Tutorial] Finishing a map checklist


We recently compiled a checklist of steps needed to finish a map to FH2 standards.

We will assume that this map is in a state in which no large scale heightmap, static, lighting and vegitation changes can be expected.

- Run your map to check that no python error occurs
- Make sure that the info file points to all layers you use and includes the correct game mode description for each
- In the localization file: Add a historical fluff text in English and German, localize flagnames in English (German translation not necessary, but possible)
- Make sure that overgrowth render distance is longer than fog (this happens faster than you think...)
- If your map includes hanging flags, include a .txt file with the rotation data in the same folder as the gameplayobjects.con to make it easy to reapply
- If you use premade spawners, make sure no assets are loaded that aren't used (say only the Americans have a mortar kit and it is in their mainbase but it loads both the american and the german mortar, delete the german one)
- Check ALL your spawnpoints to see if you can leave them
- Check your windspeeds: do they exist and do they use proper values?

- Make sure you set lowdetailmaps for your terrain textures. Note that you can make custom ones to better fit your maps graphical style!
- Generate final lightmaps for terrain and statics, check them for any corruption or bugs
- Put the loose object lightmaps into a .rar in the lightmap folder (not the atlases)
- Get rid of trench skirt shadows, either by deleting your trenches before lightmapping your terrain or by deleting them by hand in photoshop. Note that if you use trench statics that are open to the ground, it might be better to delete by hand to retain shadows inside the trench, even though it is more work)

- Generate a hemimap with the hemigen tool for best results
- Generate one envmap for the water, and at least 2 or 3 in different areas of the map for some variation in scope glint
- Blend in trench skirts by creating a custom texture (if necessary)
- Make all custom textures mapside by putting them into a .rar in the mapfolder and loading it
- Create a simpleshadowmap.raw and simpleshadowmapio.raw from the hemimap alpha
- If applicable, create a overgrowthshadowmap in order to shade trees in valleys or bushes in shadows. You can generate terrainlightmaps without major vegitation and use these.
- Make a screenshot for the loading screen background
- Add a loadscreen picture

- Generate a minimap with appropriate minCulldistance, no lods rendered and vegitation showing up (by lightmapping a static)
- Add any needed text to the minimap in Photoshop and get rid of imperfections (seams on big water areas, weird looking reeds or wheat fields due to shadows etc)
- Minimap size 1024x1024 for 1km map, 2048x2048 for 2km, don't create commander and micro map

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