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Eat Uranium:
"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"

x4fun ODIUM:
The map plays quite well, the pickup kits are a nice addition, we really liked the foxholes in the woods east of the town.

Sandre has seen this burning Panther (me) through the church, just FYI.


yea, some effects renders wrongly through static objects.

It would be very nice with win vs loss statistics from the servers.

the map don't load in sp. no navmesh maybe?

The first northren flag the germans can capture should have relocated spawn points. ATM they spawn On and very close to the flag. But i have been spawnraped by shermans and counterattacking allies 3 times already

i advise moving the spawnarea a bit more to the east behind the hills.


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