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"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"

I found a glitch on eppeldorf. Just north-norhteast of the eppeldorf north flag there's a small "cliff", on the cliff is a small mound. I was prone near the south side of the mound and could enter it. AFAIK small arms couldn't kill me, probably not arty either.

Flippy Warbear:
Screenshot please.

I noticed that the 105mm Howitzer can shoot directly at the germans spawnpoint in the woods inside the ABC Line. I don't know if that point can be spotted by Binoculars or that it is some kind of "pixel shooting" but either way it is extremly frustrating to get shot every time you either spawn or want to take the Mortar by the Howitzer. This is a very unfair advantage for the Americans.
I would recommend to somehow change either the position of the Howitzer or the spawn point so this Spawn Raping is no longer possible.

Balance on this map is terrible. A far inferior axis team can win comfortably due to poor balance.
Have yet to see allies win or even a close match after many plays.
A half competent king tiger driver can practically win the map on his own.


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