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"If you have a suggestions or want to give us some Feedback about this Map you can Post it here!"

The P-47 feels quite awkward for this map, due to visual range and the speed of the plane + it's slow maneuvering speeds.
Tends to slam into the ground or a tree after it has managed to do a attack run.

Maybe another 76 sherman instead of this vehicle would benefit the US team better.

Flippy Warbear:
You need to have Goljatti flying that thing and you will come into other conclusions.

Replace a 75mm jumbo with a 76mm jumbo. And the ticket bleed for allies is ridiculous

Ticket bleed should only start when all flags BUT bastogne is captured.. And the tanks the allies then get are not up to the task AT all.

Also the Jumbo should be fixed. 1s1k from PZIV is ridiculous from the front.

Flippy Warbear:
It used to have a 76mm Jumbo but there were a lot of talk about the Jumbo's being on all of the three bulge maps and one of them being 76mm which was very rare, even more so than the 75mm. So if we have Jumbo's, they are most likely going to be 75mm.


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