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[Tutorial] Modeling a Messerschmitt 109e

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Found this guy on a 3d modeling website. He created a series of video tutorials on how to model a Bf-109e from start to finish. They are designed for complete beginners too, so they are pretty slow-paced but very easy to follow. Even if you are more advanced in 3ds Max, there are still some good tips and tricks. There are about 85 videos for the modeling portion, each ~12 minutes long.

The only topic not covered is smoothing groups since he is doing a high-poly model. If someone wanted to do a plane for FH2, you'd follow everything he does except you wouldn't use Turbo Smooth or Mesh Smooth modifiers, and you'd have to learn to use smoothing groups to smooth your model. Enjoy.

P.S. FH2 already has a 109e, but you can apply this tutorial to any aircraft. ;)



  Nice....Will give these a hard look this week.

You should sticky this tutorial as it is absolutely great!


--- Quote from: Raziel on 14-04-2011, 11:04:16 ---You should sticky this tutorial as it is absolutely great!

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