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Before You Enter the Battlefield
This thread will give you a short introduction into the world of Forgotten Hope 2. By reading this you will learn the basics of the mod, and how to have a fun, enjoyable experience while playing.

About the Mod
Forgotten Hope 2 is a World War II-based mod for Battlefield 2. It aims to portrait WWII in a way no other multi-player, first-person shooter has done before, with a focus on historical accuracy and tactical gameplay. You can play as a soldier from various countries and utilize an extensive arsenal of weapons and vehicles that accurately portray their real-life counterparts.

Before You Enter the Battlefield
a) Installation:
-We have an installing guide which can be found here.

b) Starting the Game:
-For Windows 7 users, it is recommended to install BF2+FH2 in its own partition, so the game loads faster.
-Also make sure the FH2.exe file is set to “Windows XP Service Pack 3” + “Administrator” comparability mode and start the game by clicking on the desktop icon.

c) Servers:
-When you are looking for servers, you will find that there are not as many servers as there are in vanilla BF2 (vanilla = standard version of BF2). However, these servers offer enough space for everyone. Most players will be online in the evenings and on weekends, so don’t wonder why you only find 10 players on in the morning.

d) Problems:
-If you have some sort of trouble running your game correctly, please check our FAQ and solution guide here.
-The most common problem for new players is the “shadow/aiming bug” where your screen goes black and white while you are aiming. For the solution, simply search for “shader” on your computer and you will find a tool called “Shader Tool”. Run it and it will automatically fix your problem.

On the Forums
a) Reporting problems & bugs:
-Tell us your PC specifications, your operating system, and post a detailed explanation of what happened. You might want to read the Solution Thread, as you might find help there.

b) Suggestions:
-When making a suggestion, use common sense and respect other members. You will find that your suggestion will go a lot further. There is to be no flaming what-so-ever!
-Before making a suggestion, please take the time to search for older suggestions. This will help you determine what is a relavent suggestion, as many have been discussed previously.
-Please also realize that FH2 has qualified researches and aims to portray the most popular sections of the war. Therefore, it is irrevelant to suggest things like the Maus tank, or the T-34.

On the Battlefield

General Information
-Try to avoid killing your teammates. If it happens to you unintentionally, it is common courtesy to apologize to the person(s) you killed.

-FH2 allows every player to operate in the way that they choose. However, you will find that moving together in a well-coordinated squad will help you survive much longer and generally result in a more enjoyable experience.

-Wait for your teammates if you are driving an APC, car, truck, or transport plane. There is a good chance your teammates want a ride too, and you will have a better shot at surviving if you move together in force. Sometimes vehicles are very limited, and will not respawn for a period of time.

-Check your minimap if you are not sure if you see a friend or foe. It also helps to learn the differences between Allied and Axis uniforms and vehicles.

-It is encouraged to spot for artillery and call out enemy units, but try not to over do it, as it will annoy your teammates and won't help you win any faster.

-You have three ways to talk on the server using text. They are:
"J" for common chat
"K" for team chat
"L" squad chat

-Sometimes it happens that the so called "flag bug" occurs. If you are in the flag zone, and there are no enemies around, but you still can't capture the flag, the flag bug has occurred. The solution is very simple: You and the other soldiers have to leave the flag radius, and after that, return and capture it.

Basic Infantry Tactics
-If you are an infantry soldier and you go prone, you cannot aim correctly for the first few seconds. This is done to avoid dolphin diving. So lay down, wait till your crosshair becomes smaller, then aim and return fire. Additionally, you can also crouch to get off a quick, accurate shot.

-There is no parachute for the normal soldier. All pilot kits have one, and can be found most commonly somewhere near an airfield. The only exceptions to this are airborne maps. If you see a kit in the spawn-screen, with a parachute icon next to it, then it too has a parachute.
-To open the chute press 9 twice. You must open the chute high enough to avoid any injuries. If you open it 10m before you hit the ground, you will die.

Some weapons require that you go prone before using them. These include some light machineguns and both anti-tank and anti-personal mines.

You will notice that the recoil of infantry weapons is considerably higher than in normal Battlefield 2. In BF2 your gun has almost no recoil, but the bullets you shoot hit in a large area around the point you are aiming. In Fh2 all bullets hit exactly where you point the gun, but there is considerable recoil that will throw you off target. You can balance out this recoil by moving the mouse in the opposite direction while shooting. The amount and direction of recoil is different depending on caliber and weight of the gun, so it takes some practice to get it right. However, with some experience you will be able to easily get several shots on target.

e) If you get wounded you have to use your first aid kit. You will notice a injury when cannot sprint anymore and that you get a grey view. You activate your first aid kit by throwing it on the ground, and standing on it. You will notice a cross symbole on the right side of your screen. It takes a while till you are completly healted. During the time you are wounded your minimap will loose the symbols, and you cannot sprint.
Basic Armor Tactics
-A tank is a valuable asset to any team, and has the most armor of any vehicle on the battlefield. In order to successfully complete an attack, a tanker should move his tank so that he can cover any infantry around him. Additionally, infantry should try to take out any anti-tank positions before it can destroy the tank.

-Aiming in tanks is done by pressing the “x” key.
-Press "Ctrl" and move your mouse to look around when looking outside the cupola of a tank.

-Tanks have different types of ammo (see below). To change them use your mouse wheel.
     -AP: Standard anti-tank shell. Best used against armored targets, as this shell has nearly no explosive power.
     -HE: Stands for high-explosive. This shell is best used against soft-skin targets such as trucks and jeeps. It is also effective for dealing with infantry and the gunners of anti-tank guns.
     -HEAT: This shell type is a special anti-tank shell that also explodes on contact.
     -Special Shells: Most tanks and tank-destroyers in FH2 also have some form of special shells. These are usually extremely limited in quantity (2-3 per tank), but are even more effective at destroying enemy tanks than normal AP shells. Examples include: HVAP, Pz.Gr. 40, APCBC, and APDS.
     -Smoke: There are two types of smoke in FH2. Most tanks have deck smoke, which when fired, will deploy a smoke cloud from the rear of the tank. However, most of the US tanks, have smoke shells, which operate like a normal tank shell, but will produce a large cloud of smoke upon impact.

Basic Aircraft Tactics
-As a pilot, you serve as forward recon for your team. Be sure to announce the location of any enemy movement you see to better help your teammates on the ground.

-Remember to pickup a pilot kit before you take-off. If you don't and you need to bail out, you won't have a parachute.

-Some aircraft have more than 2 weapons. This could be additional cannons, or even rockets and bombs. To select these, either press the "F" key, or cycle through them using the mouse wheel.

a) FH Game Night:
-Once a month, the FH2 development team hosts a game night, for everyone to come together and play FH2. Details are posted in advance on the forums.

b) Clans:
-There are several organized clans that play FH2. You can read about some of them here.

c) Tournaments:
-There are a few large tournaments that use FH2 as well. You can find advertisements for them here.

Have fun, and see you all on the battlefield!

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Can you add something about helicopter controls being used for tanks in FH2?

We've had a couple of queries lately where this has been a point of confusion.

It might have something to do with the lack of a decent player manual, which should be part of the installation.

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