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Off-Topic / Many moons ago
« on: 12-09-2020, 20:09:41 »
I made all the fun stuff, to garbage. Sorry for all the shenanigans.


I really do miss my(!) Panther at Sector 318. FH v0.7.


And I also miss being a part of a good community, ye ol' [WOLF]. Stabby-stab through Pavlov's House vs [JiF]Mentat.. who had his ping advantage pffft. Chillin' in my Bofors, while having a snack and watching a horde of planetards(!) waiting for planes to spawn. Cheering and blasting through the comms F2-F1, F7-F7, F5-F5. Reporting enemy positions by the grid on Teamspeak to my lads...

Many moons ago that was what I did spend most of my free time doing, late into the night and early into mornings.
I don't think I've ever had the pleasure to feel such comradery in any other game. I guess quite a few games still have some sort of community behind them that are still burning with creativity and fun.

Hm... I rather be apart of something than being just a lone part. I guess that's why I fail at enjoying the i.e. newer BF games much. There isn't much attempt (today?) to coordinate a heap of folks in Land-Air-Sea units at the very same time over Discord. And that is with good disciplin, to try grab home a victory...

I'm not saying we were better people or whatever back in the day. We were just nerds walkin' on the same path! And I've somewhat lost touch of my nerd and all my fellow nerds.

Many, many good memories still stands today though! Like they happen yesterday.

Thanks o/


Quite a enjoyable one, even though it's over 1h long.

Off-Topic / The Merlin formation
« on: 13-02-2014, 20:02:22 »

>44min clip.

Just awesome to see these oldbees flying, together.

Andrew Mynarski Memorial Lancaster. The Avro Lancaster Heavy Bomber, and the world's only flying de Havilland Mosquito Fighter Bomber (Mossie), join two Supermarine Spitfire Fighters and two Hawker Hurricane Fighters for the Merlin Formation.

Ten Rolls Royce Merlin Engines. Six World War II Warbirds. Fly along with Mikey McBryan and Buffalo Joe McBryan of Buffalo Airways. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWH). Hamilton Air Show. Once in a lifetime Historic Aviation Event. Spectacular HD Cockpit footage. CWHM.

Canadian Warplane Heritage, Military Aviation Museum (MAM) and Vintage Wings.

This de Havilland Mosquito is the only airworthy, flying Mosquito in the World. This Mossie (Mozzie) warbird is truly amazing!

Mossie was restored by Avspecs Limited of New Zealand on behalf of Jerry Yagen of Military Aviation Museum (MAM) and Fighter Factory of Norfolk Virginia.

This was the first visit of the world's only flying de Havilland Mosquito to Canada. Mosquito FB 26 KA 114 flew to CWHM for the Hamilton Air Show and The Merlin Formation on Father's Day Weekend - June 2013.

Off-Topic / Help with translation to german
« on: 02-10-2013, 22:10:45 »

Could use some help here from some nice soul! I usually order my camera gear from Germany due to much better prices. Though one of my recent orders haven't been shipped and seems to be stuck in "processing", since my purchase a week ago. All the gear is in stock.

I know this store is reliable but the none german support have been so-so according to some people, but I've used them before without any problems so this hic up doesn't give me any shivers, yet.

So can anyone help me just translate this simple text for me, to german? I don't want to use google translator and mess up.



Is there a problem with my order, since it has been stuck in processing (In Bearbeitung) for the last week? Even though every item is in stock and have been paid for with my Mastercard.




This and next season of Game of Thrones is going to be the highlight of that year, in terms of anything on video.
Well yeah and a few russian clips.

Off-Topic / McCullin - documentary
« on: 04-03-2013, 14:03:35 »

If you get a chance to see it, do so. Quite a powerful and emotional trip through the decades with Don McCullin and his work as a war photographer.

Off-Topic / Dec 21st passed by
« on: 22-12-2012, 10:12:06 »
The hell are you fools going to come up with now? Fools = Scammers, apocalypso naggers, planet X is out there sayers etc.
Some sure made a buck on weakly minded people.

My idea for your next train should be, revolt against the stealing government.

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