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Bug Reporting / Re: [Multiple] Issues so far with 2.6
« on: 14-05-2022, 07:05:33 »
I am having a lot of issues as well. I assume it's the HUD updates or what but a TON of the maps are broken now. Crashes at loading screen with error "Texture not found: menu/hud/texture/ingame/vehicles/icons/hud/vehicleicons/air_j10"

Menu texture air_j10 is from the original Battlefield 2 files and is present in my current installation.

I'm recovering in hospital now recovering (war here in Ukraine) and spent all day trying to figure it out.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Omaha Beach Bots
« on: 14-11-2021, 07:11:15 »
Bot ratio is most important when playing co-op. A great deal of co-op maps in both Forgotten Hope 2 & Project Reality alike require more bots to attack than to defend. On Omaha Beach you need to make sure the American team has more bots than the Germans. You can play Omaha Beach with 55 to 60 bots and the Americans can definitely win with the proper ratio. Try playing with 59 bots, put 34 bots + yourself on American team and 25 bots on German team. Skill level between 60 - 65. Spawn time 25 seconds. That's 1.4 to 1 American vs German (including yourself). You can play around with those numbers to see what you find to be the most fun for you.

In real life the Americans attacked Omaha Beach with approx 43,250 infantry while the Germans defended it with approx 7,800 infantry. Not including all the men for armored vehicle crews & such. That's a ratio of 5.5:1, or 5.5 American soldiers for every 1 German soldier.

In many WW2 battles the attacking side had to outnumber the defending side in order to be successful. Of course there are exceptions to that, such as at Brecourt Manor, and I am aware a PC game is not a 1 to 1 equivalent to real life. However it is possible to draw similarities between them. Particularly with games which attempt to implement a certain degree of realism to the extent that a PC game allows for.

Edit: Meant to say sorry if there are grammar mistakes, English is not my first language. If you have any other questions about co-op that I might be able to help with then don't hesitate to let me know  :)

Suggestions / Re: NEW TANKS
« on: 02-11-2021, 05:11:36 »
I'll make a fictional Kummersdorf map if there's a Maus to put on it.

I actually spent a lot of time downloading an old version of FH2 because I thought it had Maus, only to discover it was an April Fools prank, Lol.

General Discussion / Re: Just a simple question about bots
« on: 02-11-2021, 04:11:06 »
I'm working on Kharkov Outskirts right now:

Singleplayer and Coop / Kharkov Outskirts Co-op
« on: 01-11-2021, 06:11:33 »
Hello, I am currently working on adding co-op to Kharkov Outskirts.

There aren't many early Eastern Front maps for FH2 so when I was making the new co-op layer for Kharkov Outskirts I made it represent the Second Battle of Kharkov May 12 to 28, 1942. Therefore the weapons & vehicles reflect early/mid 1942. For example Russians have T-26, BT-7, and T-34-76 model 1941. The Germans have Panzer IV F2 (Summer 1942), Panzer III Ausf. L, and Panzer II Ausf C. I'd like to replace the Panzer II with a Panzer 38(t), but FH2 doesn't have one. I might see about porting one over if I can find one with a decent model/texture.

This will be a 32p layer, although it is a fair amount than many other 32p maps.

Here is a playthrough video of beta Kharkov Outskirts Co-op:

(Sorry for low video quality. Need to use a different recording software.)

I am nearly finished, a few fixes still need done. I may re-navmesh for 64p too, but not sure yet. I find medium sized maps to be fun for co-op.

Of course credit for the map goes to the original creator ArminAce & Ts4ever for porting to FH2. I just navmeshed & created the custom layer along with coding the for co-op & for teamsp's. I also coded the BT-7 and pzivf2_summer42 for AI. Made a few new kits as well to make the NCO kits a little more useful.

If it would not upset anyone then I would like to make this available for download when it is finished. It will be a separate map from the multiplayer Kharkov Outskirts so installing will not affect the ability to play MP. Same as for seelow_coop, sammatus_coop, etc. I know there are many co-op players who would like to enjoy these maps & assets of commemoration.

Currently I am also looking at adding co-op to "Alpenfestung" and maybe "Bombing the Reich".

Anyway thanks for reading everyone,


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