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Title: Enter Sandbags
Post by: mft004 on 10-02-2022, 11:02:35
Sorry the title was a bit rubbish there.
With some of the tanks particularly US tanks, when you're in the external-view cam as a commander from the turret top, you can see some broken animations for the front drive sprockets; so I went and put sandbags all over the front of these tanks. It solves the problem well enough; sure you can't stop the tank hull model from clipping through the sandbags as I think that's something hardcoded for the camera, but it hides the animations.
The problem is that when the tank drives away some distance, the sandbags fade from sight much sooner than the tank does. Turning geometry up to High does help here, but there's still instances where I'm looking through a tank scope at tank x and have to guess where the sandbags on tank x are, given that they do block shots - at least they block AP rounds. Granted there's an element of fun there, but would be nice to know whether there's a way of at least editing particular objects so that the cull scale (I guess?) is much better.
Many thanks for any help,
Title: Re: Enter Sandbags
Post by: mft004 on 11-02-2022, 20:02:53
Sorry, another dozy moment from me there. Answer was simply to add a cullradiusscale line in the tweak file for the extra objects used.