Author Topic: [Tutorial] Reduce Stutter : Frame time rendering & Cpu Utility Tweaks  (Read 494 times)

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Pimp up your FH2 experience like its 2018 :-)
Fix lag stutter caused by unstable in game frame time rendering
Fix lag/stutter caused by CPU/OS

Lock FPS with RivaTuner Statistic Server = Stable frame time rendering in game :

Running FH2 with locked/unlocked fps via game engine makes Frame time counter go up and down most of the time and is not doing locked FPS very good or maybe a little too good
Bf2 is old and probaly was not made to run higher than 100fps on a low Hz monitor.
Lock FPS with RTSS will maybe add 1 Frame Delay, but game will look smoother when moving around
RTSS download here

How to find out the best FPS spot to lock and get stable Frame time rendering.
- FH2 launcher
: un-tick box - limit the maximum frame rate to
: tick box - Show frame rate in game
- Play some FH2 and study FPS and look for Awg fps when in an area with many other players
- ex. 110FPS. Open in game console and type "game.lockfps 110" close console and play some more while studying Frame time. If the right FPS value is chosen frame time should go only up and down +/- 0.5-2ms 110 fps ca. 9.0ms frame time +/- 0.5-2ms changing constantly
-Enter console and type "game.lockfps 0" to unlock fps
-Alt + Tab to desktob and open RTSS

- Type in value 110 Then minimize and go back into FH2
-FH2 Frame time is now locked at 9.0ms and should not be as Unstable any more

-Game should now look more smooth when moving around
-Try out different FPS values in RTSS until game experience is as good as it gets
-Compare with bf2 game engine fps lock
-In a perfect world of no bottlenecks PC should have value like 1-3 or lower than monitor Hz
Tried 2 different pcs on same monitor GTX760 and GTX 1080 2xSLI
in both cases my golden FPS spot (Cpu&Gpu <100% utilization) is at 131fps on a 144Hz monitor without any V or G-sync. But it is probaly different from Pc to Pc or Monitor to Monitor

Nvidia card users should also look at new Nvidia Profile Inspector setting

Sync and Refresh TAB
-chose Frame Rate limiter "Off"
-chose Frame Rate limiter Mode "Limiter V2 - Force Off"

Process Lasso ProReal-Time PC Optimization & Automation with ProBalance!
How to video

Some times your pc wants to make fh2 run mostly with one Cpu core maxed at almost 100% utilization.
Process Lasso can fix it

FH2 on a 6 core Hyper threaded Cpu

ForgottenHope2.exe as a High Performance process
ForgottenHope2.exe on Bitsum higest performace powerplan (unparked cpus)
ForgottenHope2.exe select cpu affinity (also option of Single threaded performance mode)
set all processes (except ForgottenHope2.exe) to run on cpu 0-1

Process Lasso is part free and paid part. I think its worth the little ekstra money for all features.

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Interesting. Will try it out and give my GTX650 a boost, well needed on FH2