Author Topic: BF2 - 2017- Remastered HD Heli Maps  (Read 341 times)

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BF2 - 2017- Remastered HD Heli Maps
« on: 05-01-2017, 21:01:43 »

1) Visuals and Graphics

- 18% larger infantry FOV, 10% larger Pilot FOV and 27% larger Gunner FOV
- Twice view distance in most maps, and even more than that in other ones, like Sharqui and Dalian.
- All maps with much better Hi-Resolution 2048MB (Finest possible quality) Lighting and Shadows, some maps in vanilla don't even have a 512MB texture for object lighting, that makes it much less realistic and which far worse graphics in general.
- Much better Static Details, all static objects keeps the highest Level of Detail (LOD) no matter what, Needs a 1000MB+ VRAM Card, capable of running the game at highest setting except for AA filtering.
- New color pallete, wich more realistic and not so bright as the original color pallete.
- More detailed vegetation, and with better viewing distance also.