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Suggestions / Climb Tree Suggestion
« on: 13-07-2015, 16:07:02 »
I remember in some of the many berlin map mods in bf1942. It was possible to make a hidden/invisible ladder on buildings.
Maybe its also possible in FH2. Snipers could climb trees and hide & snipe ??

Now that Project Reality is a standalone game.
Is it possible to install and play Fh2 without the need of Bf2 + 2 patches ?

FH2 Help / Support / Creative X-Fi Ultra High Sound Settings
« on: 28-04-2015, 02:04:25 »
inspired by LeopardiĀ“s post about Creative X-Fi sound settings driver on Realtek. I searched the net and found a sollution to get X-Fi to work with my realtek audio

Its a modded driver. After install I can select in Fh launcher
Creative X-Fi
Ultra High

Sound settings ingame looks like a bug, but dont change it.

So far this seems to work with 2 speakers or 5.1.
4 speakers will crash for me and I cant open "sound manager"
I tried another modded driver asweel without luck.


As topic says. If a player gets killed just before throwing his handgrenade it should explode

Suggestions to reduce a little of the waiting time between map end -> next map start

map   end : reduce victory screen time some seconds
map  load : faster server map load (ssd raid, ramdisk etc.)
map start :  reduce commander selection time ex. 30 seconds :-)

Why ? : To spend more time gaming than waiting
If you game FH2 a lot it could be hours within year :-)

Community Polls / POLL : Which OS do you use for FH2 ?
« on: 20-01-2015, 19:01:00 »
There is too few polls in here  ;D

Are you satisfied with your OS ?

Im always looking for a better option than windows Xp 32bit

I need to save some space on my ssd   ;D
I have a fantasy about having the most slim nlite install of win xp 32bit + FH2  ( 10-12Gb : optimal FH2 client partition ) for best client performance and experience

Yes I still think win xp 32bit runs FH2 way better than win 7 :-)

directory & files + reg that can be removed from BF2 without makeing any problems when running FH2 :-)
Could turn into a batchfile to run after install to clean it up

Suggestions / FH2 Launcher Suggestions
« on: 19-12-2014, 23:12:36 »
Installing/Uninstalling maps/mappacks

Connect direct 2 server ex. list servers like browser click and connect

Possiblilty to start with one click ( run batch file before before Fh2.exe )
disabling services, run Sweetfx settings etc. to get game running the best


Suggestions / Homepage Gameserver tab feauture suggestion
« on: 26-11-2014, 23:11:51 »
I usually use the homepage  gameserver tab on this page to connect to the gamesever.
Been playing for years, but still cant always figure out which map is played by map name only.
Could be nice with a picture from map being played in Gameserver browser window, so you would not need to go into map section everytime to see pic from map :-) 

HI FH players
I have a AMD radeon HD 6600 in my dualboot gaming pc, my third gaming desktop since FH2 came out . tried win 8.1 two months ago and went back to old setup dualboot with windows 7 and windows xp (just for playing directx 9.c games better)
As im a little into tweeking / optimizing pc for gaming etc. I found out that running directx 9.c games in windows xp is better than win 7 / 8
GPU on GFX card and CPU has a higher utilization & gets hotter in win 7/8 than win xp

win 7
gpu clock 800MHz, mem 1000MHz (basic settings)
Gfx card gets hot after a while and gpu reaches 100% and almost 95-100 degrees

if I tweak basic settings gpu 900MHz, mem 1150MHZ  gfx goes to hot 105degress and  black screen + shutdown
In windows xp I can tweak gfx gpu 900MHz, mem 1150MHZ and gfx card gets max 95 degrees and cpu utilization is also lower :-)

To monitor temps and utilization I have used the software

Windows xp has less Handles, Threads, Processes than the newer microsoft OS and runs better
-> less overall system lag possiblity -> minimal better net-latency & higher FPS in game

I will still be playing in windows xp after april when windows xp sequirity updates stop
I know most people dont care about gaming performance, but anyway :-)

Please share your thoughts

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